You are welcome to the best web host guide on the Internet. Every business needs a website survive in this information age. The Internet has made the competition even. If you are not putting your business online, you may be cutting off your profits. Your online presence is very important in drawing targeted audience to the services and products you provide. This is the main reason that choosing the best web host is very important. Contrary to popular opinions, the process of choosing the best hosting company for your business is very easy.

Getting started with web hosts

What is web hosting? Most business owners do not full understand what a web host is before running their websites. No wonder they encounter various problems such as slow loading of the website. Site hosting is saving the files of your website online servers owned by hosting companies. These hosting companies offer different features and some provide slight advantage over others. Several factors contribute to this. They include but are not limited to: the volume of transferred data in a month, numbers of third level domain, data storage, amount of traffic, and several other features. Eventually, the soul of your website will be sold to the site host you choose. This is why you need to choose wisely when deciding your choice of site host.

Web hosting also include services like shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans makes it easy for a low budget business to be online. However, there are restrictions to the kind of operations you can perform on your website. Your website can be deleted if you break any of their holy rules and regulations. Also, the traffic on your will be limited. Other services offered by these site hosts are virtual private server (vps), dedicated hosting and managed web hosting services.

Dedicated hosting is highly recommended for sites that have high traffic monthly. It is more pricey and offers more features than the virtual private server (vps). Nevertheless, for small scale businesses operating on low budgets, the virtual private server is the best web hosting plan. If you are less geeky and wants the coding to be done automatically, you should consider managed web hosting.

For a start, shared hosting is preferable. It is low cost and offers decent features. It is important to know that not all web hosts offer this service. This is why it is very important to check out the features of the site hosts before registration.

The price range of the hosting plans is also a major factor to consider. You need to figure out the duration you want for the hosting. Few months or several years? This is necessary when choosing between the monthly plan and yearly plan. “what is web hosting?”, you know it now.

Subtleties to be mindful of when choosing your hosting plan

1. Support for customers.

A good and reliable site host must offer an all day 24/7 customer service. Also, there must be an active forum where users of the site host can share their experiences.

2. Operating server system

For sql servers and .net web applications that run on windows, a web host that allows this must be used. This is necessary because most site hosts run on Linux. Note, windows hosting is more costly than Linux hosting.

3. Security

You have to be very sure that the site host you are choosing offers Anti-Malware and anti-spam tools.

Web hosting reviews

The best web hosting companies are usually not the ones with the most comprehensive tools. Rather, the best web hosting company is the one that offers the best web hosting plans that suit your needs. Web hosting reviews of bluehost and hostgator are written below. These two site hosts, are the kings of the hosting industry.

Hostgator review.

Over 300 million websites are hosted on hostgator. You can get the shared hosting plan from as low as $5 per month, it offers a live chat support, 45-day, money back guarantee and it is exclusively powered by wind (clean energy). Hostgator also provide easy 1-click wordpress installation plus 100 percent uptime guarantee.

Bluehost review.

Bluehost offers a free setup, unlimited domains on host plans, 24/7 support and (ssh) security. You can get a shared hosting plan from as low as $3.5. Bluehost offers a great dashboard that has great add-ons such as phpPgAdmin, language preferences, dedicated domain management system, 404 settings, built-in support for Spam Hammer, Weebly, and so on.

So you have them, bluehost review and hostgator review. These are two of the best hosting platforms online. Choose the site host that satisfies your business needs and get your business online. Care must be taken when choosing a local web host especially since they are usually cheap. You definitely do not your website disappear from the Internet one night.